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Muzičke prakse Balkana: etnomuzikološke perspektive Musical Practices in the Balkans: Ethnomusicological Perspectives, proceedings from the international symposium (23 – 25 November 2011). Editors: Dejan Despić, Jelena Jovanović, and Danka Lajić-Mihajlović. Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Department of Fine Arts and Music, and Institute of Musicology of SASA; Academic conferences, Vol. CXLII, Book. 8, Belgrade 2012. Paperback, 365 pages, photos, transcriptions, DVD. Language(s): English; papers in Serbian as well as sound and video examples included in DVD).

Balkan musical practices, as sound images of a geocultural space whose distinct identity has been recognized both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ are incorporated in the perpetual fascination and inspiration of the folklore researchers and ethnomusicologists. The recognizability which region has acquired (not only) in ethnomusicology under the term the Balkans, along with the motivation of scientists from this region to look into its ontology, rather than its metaphoric meanings are reasons why this emblematic name was given priority over the term Southeastern Europe.

The readers are offered twenty-one studies written by authors from eleven countries that in different ways illuminate Balkan musical practices and testify to the breadth of current research interests and methodologies. A large number of papers in this collection underline fieldwork as a predominant research method, some deal with fieldwork explicitly, while in some studies this is stated indirectly. Several papers indicate the presence of interdisciplinary research. As per topics, a substantial number of papers underscore the role of music in the process of identification and self-identification. Research on the epic tradition, contemporary life of folklore music, including its revitalization and relations between folklore and popular music are singled out as up-to-date.


Musical Practices in the Balkans: Ethnomusicological Perspectives

Contents of the DVD attached to the Proceedings: audio examples, video examples and integral versions of the papers in Serbian and English.



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