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On these pages you can learn about the history of the Institute, our associates, scholarly collections, publications, as well as about the current events.

Institute of Musicology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade was founded in 1948 as the first institute of musicology in the former Yugoslavia. The Institute conducts study of history and theory of music and explorations in ethnomusicology and music aesthetics; studies have focused on the Serbian music and its links with music culture in the neighbouring and European countries. The Institute has its archive, phonoarchive, photographic collection, and a rich library. Beside scholarly research, the Institute has always been engaged in a spectrum of educational and cultural activities, targeting not only expert audience, but also a wider circle of public interested in the Serbian musical heritage and its position in the Balkan and European context.

In September 2015 the Institute of Musicology SASA organized the international conference Musical Legacies of State Socialism: Revisiting Narratives about Post-World War II Europe. We also published edited volumes Beyond the East-West Divide: Rethinking Balkan Music's Poles of Attraction and Radio and Serbian music (in Serbian).
Activities in the second Half of 2015

Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac (1856–1914). The Belgrade Choral Society Foreign Concert Tours On the occasion of the centenary of death of Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac we have published a collective monograph and a double compact disc. The book Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac (1856–1914). The Belgrade Choral Society Foreign Concert Tours, conceived and edited by Biljana Milanović, is the result of a joint research by the experts from nine countries and contains the introductory chapter and nine comprehensive studies on Mokranjac’s foreign concert tours with the Belgrade Choral Society.

Imaginary Museum of Mokranjac’s Works Double compact disc Imaginary Museum of Mokranjac’s Works also prepared by Biljana Milanović, as the third album in edition Archives Awakened, contains digitalised archive recordings of Mokranjac’s secular choral music, preserved on tapes in Radio Belgrade Phonoarchive, providing anthological interpretations of the Radio Television Belgrade Choir.


Collected Works of Kornelije Stanković Thе third volume of the Collected Works of Kornelije Stanković, edited by Danica Petrović, is published in the form of a CD.
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The Social Role of the Salon Music Marijana Marković Kokanović, external associate of the scientific project of the institute, published a study The Social Role of the Salon Music in the Life and the Value system of the Serbian Citizens in the 19th century (in Serbian).
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Serbian Music: Yugoslav Contexts In December 2014 a new book, SERBIAN MUSIC: YUGOSLAV CONTEXTS, has been published by our Institute! Its editors are Melita Milin and Jim Samson, author of the Introduction. In its nine chapters, Serbian and foreign scholars (from Greece, Slovenia and Portugal) discuss issues of Serbian music produced or consumed within various social contexts shaped by the idea of Yugoslavism. See more

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