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Srđan Atanasovski

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Srđan Atanasovski, Ph.D.
M.A. in Musicology
Research Assistant


Srđan Atanasovski (1983, Kumanovo, Macedonia) graduated on the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade in 2009, where he is currently a PhD student of musicology and is working on dissertation entitled “Music Practices and Production of the National Territory“ with advisor Tatjana Marković. Atanasovski was awarded by FMU with Vlastimir Peričić award for 2009, the award of the National Office of the President of the Republic for academic achievement and social engagement in 2009. year, as well as with scholarship of the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation and scholarship of Coimbra Group and the University of Graz, both in the academic year 2010/11. He participated in international conferences in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, and he was a member of the program committee of two international student symposium. He has published his papers in journals Musicologica Austriaca, Musicology and Musicological Annual. He works as an associate in the transcription and editing of unpublished compositions of Joseph von Friebert (assistant editor, Don Juan Archiv Wien Forschungsverlag), Felix Mendelssohn, and Ernst Krenek. He is also engaged as a music critic and broadcast editor on the Third Programme of Radio Belgrade and participates in projects of the Belgrade Cultural Centre. From 2011 he works at the Institute of Musicology SASA as a research assistant. He is also engaged as the coordinator of the Forum of the Institute of Musicology SASA.


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“Schubert’s Great Symphony: A Tribute to Schiller?”. In Between Nostalgia, Utopia, and Realities, edited by Vesna Mikić, Ivana Perković, Tijana Popović-Mlađenović and Mirjana Veselinović-Hofman, 74–86. Belgrade, Faculty of Music, 2012.

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