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Jelena Jovanović

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Jelena Jovanović, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow


Jelena Jovanović was born on 27th September 1964 in Belgrade. Upon finishing Mokranjac Secondary Music School (Music Theory and Piano Departments), she enrolled in the Ethnomusicology Department at Belgrade University, Faculty of Music. She graduated in 1991, with the subject Old Wedding Songs and Customs in Gornja Jasenica – Wedding Model, its Forms and Development (tutor Professor Dragoslav Dević). She acquired her master’s degree in 2001 with the thesis entitled Vocal Heritage of the Serbs in Upper Banat Region in Romania in the Light of Authochthonous and Adopted Music Practises as well as a Ph.D. degree in 2010 with the thesis Vocal Tradition of Jasenica Region in the Light of Ethnogenetic Processes (tutor Professor Dimitrije Golemović, Ph.D.). Employed in the Institute og Musicology since 1992, and since 2011 has been a Research Associate.

All her research into Serbian vocal traditions is based mainly on her own field work, аs well as on earlier transcriptions made by older col¬leagues. The main fields of her scholar work: elements of rural vocal and instrumental tradition lf Šumadija region and of central Serbia in the context of geographical areas of Serbian musical dialects, layers of Serbs’ in Romania vocal tradition in cultural and historical context, the subjects from the field of applied ethnomusicology, music performance, as well as certain issues connected to the Yugoslav popular music of the 1970s.

She has taken part in a series of local and international symposia, in Serbia and abroad. Her papers have been published in various scientific journals and symposium proceedings. She had many lectures on different aspects of Serbian vocal practice. She is the member of ethnomusicological societies in Serbia and abroad (SED, ICTM).

She is one of the leading authorities in the field of practical approach to traditional vocal heritage. She is active as a singer of traditional songs from the Balkana. She is one of the founders and conductors of the Moba women’s vocal group (since 1993). She is an expert and vocal pedagogue of the young vocal group of the Oplenac cultural-artistic society in Topola (since 2002). In cooperation with Foundation Muzykakresow (Lublin, Poland) she took part in the work of several International Summer Schools for Traditional Music, as lecturer and instructor (since 2006).

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