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Ivana Vesić

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Ivana Vesić
Research Assistant


She was born on August 23, 1981 in Belgrade. Having graduated from Musical high school "Mokranjac" (Belgrade, Serbia), she enrolled the Faculty of music arts in Belgrade (department of musicology) and graduated in 2007. In her M.A. thesis, "Between poetics and politics: music production in Serbia between two world wars and its role in the creation of social reality" she applied theoretical concepts of the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu to the research of material, cultural and social conditions of high-brow musical production in Serbia during that period. That same year she enrolled in Master studies at the Faculty of philosophy, department of sociology. She graduated in 2009 after defending the thesis "Production and promotion of ethno-music in Serbia. Social and cultural transformation on the examples of the work of media corporations RTS and B92." She enrolled in PhD studies at the same department and registered the following topic for the future thesis: "The construction of Serbian musical tradition between the two world wars: the influence of ideological divisions in Serbian political and intellectual elite." Her intention is to research in detail the construction of Serbian musical tradition in this period in the context of wider social processes and ideological conflicts. She participated in several international conferences and have published papers and reviews in journals and edited books.

Published works:

„Life and works“ – is there a real interconnection?: a sociological approach and a possibility of using biographical data for contextualizing the composers’ opus, in Tajana Marković i Vesna Mikić (eds.) (Auto)biography as a Musicological Discourse, Beograd: FMU, 2010, 135–142.

World music: problem konstituisanja žanrovskih okvra (World music: the problem of constituting genre`s borders), Sveske 94 (2009), 132–140.

Slušalac i „prostor za rad“ u dodekafonskoj muzici Antona fon Veberna (Listener and „space for work“ in dodecaphonic music of Anton von Webern), Novi zvuk 27 (2006), 93–103.