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Danka Lajić-Mihajlović

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Danka Lajić-Mihajlović, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow


She graduated in ethnomusicology from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (1991). Her Master’s degree she obtained with the thesis Bagpipes in Vojvodina (the Academy of Art in Novi Sad 2000; supervised by Dragoslav Dević, Ph.D.). In 2010 at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, she defended her doctoral thesis Serbian Traditional Epic Singing with the Accompaniment of Gusle as a Communication Process (supervised by Mirjana Zakić, Ph.D.).

After graduate studies she worked as a professor in several music schools, as Assistant Professor at the study group for ethnomusicology of the Academy of Art in Novi Sad (1994–2000), and as a lecturer at the Department for Ethnomusicology in Music school “Mokranjac” in Belgrade. Since 2002 she has been posted as a researcher at the Institute of Musicology of the SASA.

Her research has primarily focused on traditional instrumental and vocal-instrumental folk music: synchronically ― toward research of styles of the traditional music of Dinaric and Pannonian area, and diachronically ― towards the multidisciplinary aspects of dynamism within folk music tradition. She got her book Wedding Customs and Songs of Montenegrins in Bačka (2004) and numerous papers in professional journals and collections of works from national and international conferences where she had participated published. Dr Lajić-Mihajlović is active in the fieldwork research projects and participates in lexicographical projects of the SASA and Matica srpska (Serbian Dictionary of the National Biography, Serbian Encyclopedia). She is one of the founders and a member of the Management Board of the Serbian Society for Ethnomusicology. Also, she has attended many traditional music festivals in Serbia―as the selector of festival programs, as a member of art boards and expert panels at competitions.

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